Monday, February 3, 2014

This Was Supposed to be a Column Pour

I've only made nine batches of soap so far. Although not all of them have turned out how I pictured them, nothing so far has gone drastically wrong. So even though I can't call this soap a complete disaster, it really deviated from my plan.

With my two youngest boys rivaling Curious George in their mischief, I am only comfortable soaping at night. I do not feel comfortable at all having lye water sitting anywhere around the house with the boys awake, no matter how high. With this soap, I mixed the lye water and got a little impatient for it to cool down because it was getting late. Couple that with the fact that I get a little stick blender-happy meant that by the time I went to pour the soap, it pretty much just glopped on top of my column without running down the sides. I ended up spooning it in the mold. The soap gelled completely very quickly, and I was standing there staring at it wondering whether or not I should stick it into the fridge. In the end, I let things take their course, and nothing disastrous happened :).

Even though the perfectionist in me is a little bothered that the soap doesn't look all that great, this soap smells good enough to eat. It is scented with red apple, kumquat, and what my husband thought smelled like Mountain Dew. It is a crisp fruity smell instead of really sweet. I'm excited to be able to use it in about two more weeks.

In other news, my lye finally came today! Looking forward to a nice quiet soaping session tonight.

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